The Reason Amanda Barrie Tried To Slap Gordon Ramsay

If there's one thing that renowned celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is known for, it's that he is not a man who hides how he's feeling. While we may not know the chef off-screen, his reactions on television have led to fights and beef with other celebrities and culinary moguls. In fact, you don't have to look very far to find compilations of the chef getting angry while being filmed. According to a piece by Thrillist, the chef even lost his temper once on MasterChef Junior and told a contestant, "This is MasterChef. Not master-bate." Yikes.

But that was just is one of many dramatic moments that involved Gordon Ramsay on television. Another example? He ended up in an ugly situation with actor Amanda Barrie back in 2007 on Hell's Kitchen and things escalated quite quickly, almost leading to an actual fight (via Talent Recap). But what exactly happened? Here's the details about what went down on-screen.

Amanda Barrie's exhaustion and Gordon Ramsay's comments led to a fight

As per Talent Recap, when Amanda Barrie agreed to be a part of Hell's Kitchen, she wasn't exactly quite sure what she was signing up for. Before filming one of the episodes, Gordon Ramsay tried to calm Barrie down because he could tell she was upset. However, things took a turn for the absolute worst when the two ended up fighting. Barrie told Ramsay, "I'm absolutely exhausted because of the silly hours. The silly, silly, silly stupid hours."

Ramsay shot back at her and told her that she decided to be on the show herself and knew it would be a grueling process. However, Barrie disagreed and said that she didn't know it would be so stressful to survive in that environment. She ended up raising her voice and Ramsay reminded her that it wasn't the best idea to scream in front of the team. That was the last straw for Barrie, who became so mad that she tried to hit Ramsay twice, but he acted quickly and was able to deflect her.

After that unfortunate incident, Barrie unsurprisingly decided to leave and look back at the show at home "with a bottle of champagne and fish and chips."