This Is The Most Underrated Cut Of Chicken

Shopping for chicken for an upcoming dinner? Chances are, you likely reach immediately for the chicken breast. After all, it has the reputation of being the biggest, most preferred, highest-quality cut of chicken, with the price tag to match. But by choosing chicken breasts every time, you're likely overlooking an underrated cut of chicken that's not only more affordable, but also tastier, easier to cook, and more versatile, according to We're talking about the chicken thigh.

For any recipe where you might use chicken breast, you can also use chicken thighs and, while chicken breasts are very easy to overcook, leaving you with a tough, dry piece of meat, chicken thighs can cook for a longer period of time while still retaining a lot of moisture. This makes them ideal for baking, pressure cooking, and slow-cooking. Additionally, because of their extra fat content, chicken thighs, along with other dark chicken meat, are often considered more flavorful and don't necessarily require as much "dressing up" as you might feel you need with a relatively more bland chicken breast.

There's only one reason why you might still choose a chicken breast over a thigh

The one reason you might continue purchasing chicken breast over thighs every time? If you're really watching your fat consumption. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a three-ounce, skinless chicken breast contains 140 calories, three grams of total fat, and one gram of saturated fat. Skinless dark chicken meat contains nine grams of total fat, three grams of saturated fat, and 170 calories. However, Wide Open Eats and Body Ecology point out that the other fat found in dark chicken meat is monounsaturated fat, which can actually help you lose weight and reduce cholesterol, as well as lower your risk of heart disease; as far as fat goes, it's the one you want. Plus, if you can find boneless, skinless chicken thighs, you'll have a healthier option than the bone-in variety, and also benefit from a faster cooking time.

The next time you're in the poultry section of your favorite grocery store, reach for the chicken thighs. The more affordable price tag doesn't at all mean chicken thighs are a less desirable cut, and you may just discover it's your new favorite.