The Reason You Shouldn't Freeze Fried Food

Your freezer isn't just for ice cream and frozen waffles. These days, it seems like you can freeze almost everything. Pre-made meals and casseroles? Done. Leftover spaghetti? Of course. Salad greens that are about to go bad? Absolutely. However, just because you can freeze most things doesn't mean you should. There are some foods that just don't belong in your freezer, like potatoes, mayonnaise, and raw veggies. There's something about the freezing process that can warp and sometimes even ruin certain things.

Another freezer no-no? Fried food. If you went out to eat and come home with a box full of leftover goodies that happen to be fried (like fried chicken, French fries, etc.), your best bet is to eat them before they go bad or simply toss them out. Here's what happens when you try to freeze fried food and why it's rarely a good idea. Consider yourself warned.

You'll ruin the taste and texture

There are two things that make fried food so delicious: the rich flavor (thanks to the oil it's fried in) and the crispy, crunchy texture. Unfortunately, if you freeze fried food, those are the two things that are most affected and often lost. In terms of the taste, here's the deal — the oil that gives fried chicken and the like that mouthwatering flavor when it's absorbed won't freeze, according to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. That means that the layer that is on your leftover fried food won't hold up well in the freezer and could spoil or be subject to bacteria (via Foods Guy). Yuck.

And in terms of the texture, fried food that's been frozen will often end up soggy rather than crunchy, says CNET. This is often due to the thawing process. As the fried food defrosts, moisture and any extra oil seep into the food which results in a soft, mushy texture instead of the crispy, juicy one you're craving. No thank you.