People Are Using This Hilarious Photo Of Ben Affleck With Dunkin' As A Metaphor For 2020

Ben Affleck is rarely seen IRL without clutching a ginormous Dunkin' drink, leaving many to suspect that the actor is secretly on the coffee chain's payroll. One Boston Globe commenter called out Affleck for his "social media advertising," calling it "almost as undignified as schilling for a bank by doing a "What's in YOUR wallet?" commercial," an obvious reference to his ex-wife Jennifer Garner's advertising stardom.

Whether or not Affleck is auditioning to be the new "Time to Make the Donuts" guy, one recent photo of him and his Dunkin' order has been making headlines. Many media outlets, including the Boston Globe and E! Online, have called the image of Affleck juggling a Dunkin' delivery the perfect metaphor for 2020. So what made this delivery so newsworthy? Well, paparazzi photos shot at the scene depict Affleck struggling to pick up several large Dunkin' drinks and a box of Munchkins from his doorstep. Evidently he doesn't have minions to do that sort of thing for him ... at least not during a global pandemic.

People's reactions to Affleck's plight were mixed

Some on Twitter seemed to see their own lives, or the past year in general, summed up by Affleck's coffee fumble. One Twitter user noted, "I FINALLY have something in common with Ben Affleck," while another called it "the most 2020 thing ever." Someone else commented that it was the "perfect way to round out the year" (the incident took place on New Year's Eve). 

Not everyone found Affleck's difficulty to be all that relatable, however. One practical tweeter pointed out that "a bag would've solved this problem, or two trips." Another suggested, "Just put the munchkins on top of the drinks and carry that tube inside your arms."

Among those least sympathetic to Affleck plight were Bostonians not impressed by their Massachusetts-born and L.A.-living "homie." The Boston Globe article drew several annoyed comments along the lines of "Ben Affleck is not all of us. Many of us have to hold onto our money during the pandemic, and we make our coffee at home" and characterizing Affleck as "an actor just trying to stay relevant." 

Other New Englanders pointed out that Affleck ordering iced coffee in winter doesn't make him "true Boston" since, umm, he lives in Los Angeles where winter "appears to involve wearing a T-shirt outside." 

Does Affleck's struggle to pick up coffee delivered to his home perfectly encapsulate 2020? Maybe. But people squabbling over everything ... now that definitely depicts the last year.