Why Everyone Always Thinks Giada De Laurentiis And Bobby Flay Are Dating

To be absolutely, very clear: Giada De Laurentiis and TV producer Shane Farley are still going strong as far as we know. They take cute family pics together with De Laurentiis' daughter and post them on Instagram so that we can all gawk at the delicious food they eat. But even if they weren't together, it wouldn't mean that De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay would be.

Just because there's a Reddit thread dedicated to gossiping about whether or not the two celebrity chefs are secretly into each other (and whether or not they once got divorces to be with one another) doesn't mean that De Laurentiis and Flay have to work out. And just because the two recently spent a month together in Rome and Tuscany, during which Flay met De Laurentiis' mother, and the two foodies drove along Tuscany's rolling landscape, exploring local farms and drinking wines, doesn't mean they're hitched. (If you haven't seen Bobby and Giada in Italy yet, please do.) And while De Laurentiis told People that Bobby is "one of those guys you can call in a pinch and he will get you out of it. He's special in that sense," doesn't necessarily mean she's head over heels.

Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay's non-relationship

Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay have known each other since they met at a 2004 food expo in Philadelphia (via People), which has given them an ample amount of time to realize that they're destined to be. They haven't come to that conclusion though. In 2015, gossip columns whispered that, while on a romantic date, the two had "carved their initials in a secret place" in Emilio's Ballato in New York City. De Laurentiis' rep quickly denied the rumors to E!, and in spite of CheatSheet's  2019 effort to read into the "playful banter" between De Laurentiis and Flay on Instagram, it's likely that it was exactly what it appeared to be: two friends having fun.  

Perhaps the reason that everyone always thinks De Laurentiis and Flay are dating has nothing to do with them. As De Laurentiis once told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, "We're very good friends. We've worked for many years together, but I don't think that's ever going to happen because I'm smarter than that," (via US Weekly). Maybe the fact we keep whispering about "Giada and Bobby" has everything to do with us: we want to wish their relationship into existence. Because just think about all the finger-licking food they would make together.