Why Bobby Flay Decided To Make Bobby And Giada In Italy

Oh, those celebrity chefs and their globe-trotting hijinx. This time around, it's on a series called Bobby and Giada in Italy, where the two friends (or maybe more?) eat their way through Rome and Tuscany together. Giada De Laurentiis, who was born in Rome and specializes in Italian cuisine, is of course the perfect guide for Flay as they fly through the Italian countryside in a red convertible and sample pasta with De Laurentiis' mom (via the Food Network).

Flay, who People reports came up with the idea for the show, immediately asked De Laurentiis to join him in Italy because, in his words, "We're friends, we obviously both love Italy, and we're both on the same network, so it made perfect sense." Who doesn't love Italy, Bobby? Flay isn't Italian, but according to the Food Network, he's passionate about all things Italian, and even "relocated" to Italy to immerse himself in the culture and a few years back.

What to expect on Bobby and Giada in Italy

For viewers of Bobby and Giada in Italy, there's more in store than just celebrities having decadent meals (although there's a lot of that). A trailer shows the pair learning to milk sheep, frolicking in a vineyard, grilling steaks outdoors, and even trying their hand at beekeeping (via YouTube). The show, which is now available on the new streaming platform Discovery+, is only four episodes long, but they pack a lot in (via Discovery).

And for anyone with major travel envy (ahem), you're not alone. More than a few fans have commented about airing the show during a pandemic, although it appears it was shot long before COVID-19 became a household name (around September of 2019, according to She Knows). Still, commenting on an Instagram post from De Laurentiis, someone asked, "So masks aren't a thing? Just curious."

Reacting to a Twitter post from the Food Network, another chimed in, "Not practicing social distancing are they?" Yeah, we're jealous too.