This Is The Best Brand Of Chocolate For Baking, According To Ina Garten

When it comes to fans of Ina Garten, it seems no one can get enough details about her filming kitchen, her marriage to Jeffery, or even the backstory of some dishes, like her engagement chicken. Besides, those who have religiously watched her show and listened to her preach the use of "good" ingredients over and over have likely wondered what brands live up to Garten's expectations. Be it olive oil or chocolate, those who want to cook like Garten likely want to find similar, if not the same, brands she stocks up on in her own pantry.

Fortunately for her fans, Garten does not believe in buying out-there ingredients. "I generally don't use unusual ingredients that you'll only use once," she said to Bon Appetit. "There's no point in having a recipe you can make in 30 minutes if [it] takes you two hours to shop for it," she added. That's why she keeps her ingredients relatively simple, but of the best quality. She also keeps a backstock of them in her pantry so she never runs out. And, when it comes to chocolate in particular, you'll be pleased to know Garten reaches for a very familiar brand in her baking.

This is Ina Garten's go-to chocolate brand

Chocolate is one of those ingredients Ina Garten keeps on hand. "Chocolate's really important to me. If it's going to be chocolate, it has to taste like chocolate," Garten explained. That's why she sticks with Lindt, which she said she's used for a "long time." But to be more specific, Garten's favorite kind of Lindt chocolate for baking is Lindt Swiss bittersweet chocolate (via SheKnows). Garten believes bittersweet chocolate has a more balanced flavor rather than unsweetened, dark, or milk chocolate. Not to mention, it comes in "big bars" as she puts it, so you'll have plenty.

Garten said she's been using Lindt chocolate for so long that she and her team had to do a taste test to ensure they were still using the best product available. According to Lindt Excellence, she and her team compared Lindt to six other kinds of chocolate and Lindt continued to win the taste test every time. Truly, Garten continues to have a palate for the best. Even Lindt had to say, "Thanks, Ina. We're pretty flattered." So, if you'd like to emulate the Barefoot Contessa's baking style, visit your local grocery store or go online to stock up on her favorite chocolate for baking.