The Reason Eva Longoria's Steakhouse Closed Down

Eva Longoria is a star who has many acting accomplishments, but she has also pushed past her comfort zone in terms of her career, dipping her toes in the service industry. For instance, she previously put in the work to launch an eatery called Beso and a club called Eve. Unfortunately, both failed, and Beso LLC declared bankruptcy in 2011. This by no means stopped Longoria though, who decided to try again by shutting down her earlier establishments to open a feminist restaurant called SHe (via HuffPost).

While the idea was ambitious and the eatery seemed promising, things didn't quite work out for SHe and it had to shut down. According to the Los Angeles Times, the restaurant had ambitious plans to be a "female-friendly" steakhouse with a 1920s theme, even featuring things like a catwalk for fashion shows. While it certainly wasn't the first celebrity restaurant to fail, here's why it didn't quite become the success story it could have been.

Eva Longoria's steakhouse ran into some trouble

Sadly, Eva Longoria's concept steakhouse didn't quite take off. As reported by Eater, it shut up shop in 2014, not too long after first opening its doors to customers. But even if the space had gained a fan base, it was 21 demerits and health code violations that ended up being its death sentence. USA Today dug in further to find that the issues were related to things like improper food storage temperatures and faulty thermometers among others.

According to CBS News, the celeb's restaurant also got into trouble when SHe operating officer Scott Marshall couldn't quite come to an agreement with the landlord. "The restaurant was looking into alternatives to repurpose the [club] space to enhance its dining experience," he told CBS. This was another nail in the coffin that led to the full on closure. Seeing that this was nearly six years ago, it seems Longoria might be taking a break from thinking up restaurant ideas.