What Is Maggi Seasoning And How Do You Use It?

When you have a million chores on your to-do list and need to serve up a meal that can please your whole family, small details like properly seasoning your dinner might accidentally fall through the cracks. For those of us who constantly feel like we have to juggle a million responsibilities, Maggi has come to our rescue with an all-in-one seasoning that can make any meal great.

According to The Spruce Eats, this food flavor-enhancer entered the lives of home cooks in Germany during the late 1800s after its invention in Switzerland. It comes in a concentrated liquid form, in addition to a powder and seasoning cube you can add to soups and stock. While the versatile form of the condiment can fit any recipe, the strength of this product really lies in its unique taste.

The Spruce Eats explains that the seasoning's flavor resembles soy sauce, but thanks to the inclusion of hydrolyzed wheat protein, the taste of Maggi resembles a more complex version of the East Asian condiment. While Maggi originated in Switzerland, regional varieties have popped up all over the world. According to Cook's Info, some say that the French variant tastes the best, the Philippine version contains extra garlic, the Polish version tastes more sour, and the Mexican version comes in an additional "spicy" flavor. With so many kinds available, a world of flavor awaits when you actually start finding new, exciting ways to use the product.

The best uses for Maggi seasoning

Maggi's hidden secret lies in the fact that you can actually supercharge almost any savory recipe with a bit of this all-purpose seasoning. A few drops of Maggi can transform your next soup, marinade, or gravy, but you can also find ways to add it into Caesar salad dressings, Bloody Marys, pickling liquids, and even stir-fried lobster (via Chatelaine)! Due to the fact that some think Maggi smells and tastes like a combo of celery, parsley, and fennel, some chefs love to top scrambled eggs with a dash, in addition to chimichurris or roasted vegetables (via The Spruce Eats).

Whether you want a new way to supercharge the flavors in your homemade cooking or just need a quick and easy flavor solution that can make weekday meal prep that much easier, Maggi might be a worthy addition to your spice cabinet. There's a reason this one-of-a-kind taste sensation has stuck around for almost 200 years.