Costco Shoppers Have Mixed Feelings About These Cauliflower Cups

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While Costco may have a reputation as somewhere you go if you need to buy a pallet full of Froot Loops or a gallon of mayonnaise, they do offer some healthier options as well. Costco fans are quick to share their sightings on social media. Instagrammer costco_doesitagain recently posted a picture of Kitchen & Love brand Cauliflower Quick Cup with Peruvian Vegetables. These pre-made cups come with cooked cauliflower, a mix of vegetables, and can be served hot or cold. Six meals of 7.9 ounces each go for $11.99, according to the post. Many of the comments on the photo were pretty enthusiastic, although only a few had actually tried this item (reviews from those who had ranged from "good" to "no bueno").

Many comments were along typical lines: "Trying these," "I need this in my life!" and people tagging friends they thought might be interested. There were, however, a few Costco shoppers who were somewhat dubious about the product. One person admitted "I almost grabbed them but got scared," while another mustered up an unenthusiastic "not saying it looks good but it is vegan so."

The verdict among shoppers who've bought the cauliflower cups

Costco is not the exclusive retailer of these cauliflower cups. Kitchen & Love also maintains a store on Amazon, and the product page for the Peruvian veggie ceviche variety supplies additional images of the package that actually disclose what those "Peruvian vegetables" may be. Surprisingly enough, potatoes don't figure in the list, despite being a Peruvian staple since the days of the Inca. Perhaps Kitchen & Love figured potatoes might detract from the overall cauliflower-iness. The non-cauliflower veggies, in order of label appearance, are: tomatoes, lima beans, corn, red onions, and red hot peppers.

Reviewers awarded this dish, on average, 4 out of 5 stars, although nearly 30 percent of purchasers didn't much care for them. One and two-star reviewers described the dish as "very unappetizing, "simply disgusting," and "tastes eh, like ... good vomit." (Better than bad vomit, at least.) Five-star reviewers, on the other hand, found it to be "an absolute taste sensation!" and "perfect for quick nutritious, filling meal." If you like prep-free vegan dishes, these cauliflower cups may be worth a try. If not, you can always just pick up a delicious Costco rotisserie chicken instead.