Wendy's Baked Potatoes Are Better For You Than You Thought

You can get french fries, onion rings, and even tater tots at many of your favorite fast-food restaurants, but a baked potato? It seems only a select few have ever dared to sell this variety of potato product and, unfortunately for them, have failed in their attempt to step into this arena. The reigning champion of baked potatoes, however, is none other than one of America's most favorite fast-food chains (via Restaurant Business) that is famous for its fresh food, a signature logo and, of course, its baked potatoes — Wendy's.

As an exclusive Wendy's item, baked potatoes have long been a go-to meal for many of the chain's loyal patrons as the baked potatoes have been on Wendy's menus across the country since the 1980s (via Fox News). Don't believe us? According to Reader's Digest, the fast-food chain sells a whopping 1 million baked potatoes per week! Whether it's plain, with sour cream and chives, or simply topped with chili and cheese, it looks like people can't get enough of these Wendy's potatoes. Not to mention, it beats having the potato as a side or deep fried and covered in salt! Talk about a healthier option!

Are baked potatoes really healthier?

With fad low-fat diets all the rage in the 1980s and 1990s, Wendy's decided to give their diners a healthy option by providing a different kind of potato, as customers were looking to replace oil-drenched options with healthy alternatives.

Coming in at 270 calories, zero fat, and seven grams of fiber (via Wendy's), a Wendy's baked potato is a great choice for those looking to skip the fries and make a meal out of their potatoes. Not to mention, these oven baked potatoes are an excellent source of iron, potassium, and protein (via Taste of Home)! Even topping these potatoes with bits of bacon and cheese (set at 440 calories) won't put it over the 480 calories found in a medium order of french fries. Yikes!

Although health trends have shifted and new diets have been introduced over the years, there is no doubt that people will always look for quick and healthy options (and more bang for their buck). So are baked potatoes better than french fries? We certainly think so!