Klondike's New Milkshake Pouches Are Turning Heads

Are Klondike's new milkshake pouches the single upcoming product that we're most excited to see hit the frozen goods section in 2021? Quite possibly. "We saw an opportunity to bring the delicious taste of a classic diner shake directly to your freezer — no blender needs," Russel Lilly, vice president of U.S. Ice Cream at Unilever, explained in a statement. Lilly further assured us that we can enjoy the "mess-free squeezable pouch[es]" both "at home or on the go" (via Yahoo Finance). Imagine your new and improved milkshake consumption possibilities. Here's a milkshake that promises to be as easy to drink on a roller coaster as it is from the comfort of your living room couch. And, while we're all thinking about couches, consider this: Klondike's milkshake pouches might just redefine the idea of "Netflix and chill."

The product description on the milkshake pouches (aptly named "Klondike Shakes In a Pouch") swears that the shakes are "indulgent and creamy" (via Ralphs). With Klondike's decadent track record, we have no reason to doubt them. The description also boasts that the shake pouches are built with a "new technology" making them "squeezable shortly after being taken out of the freezer." There is no word yet, to our knowledge, about how long they remain frozen, and at what point they turn into a milkshake soup.

Are Klondike's milkshake pouches a substitute for diner shakes?

Allrecipes has practical concerns about Klondike's new product: "Will the straw clog? Will a small bit of milkshake stay trapped in the pouch, tantalizingly out of reach?" But because Klondike brought it up, the big question on our mind is whether or not Klondike's squeezable shakes can truly live up to the taste of a diner milkshake. And if so, is the era in which milkshakes were best enjoyed, two-strawed, from the comfort of a dimly-lit diner booth coming to the end? Will it be replaced by an era where squeezable milkshake pouches are must-haves at, say, everything from football tailgating parties to long walks on the beach?

It's impossible to tell, although all of Instagram seems to be chomping at the bit. (To quote one eager consumer, "yes, yes, and more yes.") You'll be able to test Klondike's ingenious new dessert for yourself starting in February 2021. Klondike shake pouches come in boxes of six, which retail for $5.99. Get a box of "Wind Down & Chocolate" flavored shakes, or a box of "Chill Out & Vanilla" flavored ones. We'll be stocking our freezers with both.