Klondike's New Breakfast Inspired Ice Cream Bars Have People Talking

Dessert for breakfast — since when has that been a thing? Oh, since about great-great-great Grandpa Ebenezer's time, or perhaps even earlier. Author Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain, provided a recipe for an "excellent breakfast dish" in A Tramp Abroad (one of his few works not to make your high school's required reading list). This dish is just your basic apple pie, only it is meant to be served in the morning instead of after a meal (via LA Times).

Let's not forget doughnuts, of course. While they have been around since antiquity in some form or other, according to Mr. Breakfast, they've really only been associated with breakfast since the 1920s. But still, that's a full century of being America's most-beloved breakfast/dessert meal mashup.

What about ice cream for breakfast, though? While that may be a bit too decadent to have caught on yet (except in the indulgent Midwest where diner breakfast menus sometimes feature an ice cream-topped treat called a Polar Bear Waffle), Klondike has been attempting to change all that by piggybacking onto doughnuts' coattails. An ice cream bar with a hole in the middle is practically the same thing as a doughnut, right? And this, of course, makes it a perfectly acceptable breakfast. It's even more legit if you pair it with morning's official beverage, coffee.

They're upping the ante by adding coffee to the doughnuts

Klondike Donuts came out last January in three different flavors: Boston Cream, Triple Chocolate, and Frosted Strawberry. While these faux-nuts are just as square as the original Klondike bars (just what would you do for one of those?), the ring in the middle is circular, and they're frosting-drizzled to look as pretty as any of Dunkin's creations. The one thing they lack, however, is the ability to be dunked into a hot cup of coffee without melting. Oh, what to do? Well, in the year since Klondike Donuts first released, the fine minds at Klondike's test kitchens apparently came up with a brilliant solution: put the coffee inside the doughnut (or donut)!

According to Best Products, Klondike's newest product is called Wake Me Up Coffee Donuts. As the package trumpets, the ice cream inside these treats is flavored with "100% Arabica Colombian coffee." The shell is dark chocolate, the drizzle is white chocolate, and the taste is ... we don't know. The product is so new, it doesn't seem as if anyone's actually tried it yet. But if you like coffee ice cream, and you like Klondike bars, then you're pretty much guaranteed to love the new product.