This Is How The Waffle House Makes Its Omelettes So Fluffy

Omelettes are egg-actly what you think they are. Per, omelettes are just like pancakes, only they are made with eggs that are aerated to perfection, fried in butter or oil, seasoned with salt and pepper, and customized with a few additional ingredients, such as cheese, onions, bell pepper, ham, bacon, or sausage that are swirled in and cooked until your omelette is fabulously fluffy and ready to devour. The origin of this dish is a little difficult to follow. There is conjecture that omelettes might have first made their appearance on our dinner plates in the orient, but everyone from Conquistadors to Napoleon had a supporting role in this food's story as it evolved into the meal we know and love today. 

But people can be pretty particular about how these eggy pancakes are made. In fact, we can make some big mistakes when we cook omelettes, but one restaurant makes them better and fluffier than most. Waffle House may be known for their waffles, but this breakfast food eatery makes their omelettes so fluffy, we needed to know their secret so we can replicate that light as air texture the next time we make our favorite Southwestern or Mediterranean omelette at home. After a lot of Googling, we can tell you how the Waffle House makes their omelettes so fluffy.  

Waffle House revealed its secret weapon

According to Savuer, the Waffle House's secret culinary weapon for creating their fluffy omelettes is actually a milkshake machine. A cook at a Waffle House in East Point, Ga. named Edwin Johnson told the site that the chain is able to achieve ultimate "puffiness" by whipping up the eggs with their milkshake machine. Savuer then put this concept to the test using nothing more than their handheld mixer and were able to pull off results that were almost equal to that of Waffle House. To do this in your own kitchen, they say you will want to have your handheld mixer on its highest speed and beat the eggs until their volume is thrice what it started at, giving them a "pale and frothy" appearance. They estimate this will take you two minutes to execute.

A Quora user notes that he, too, has seen the Waffle House use a milkshake machine to achieve the fluffy omelettes their customers know and love. But he also went on to share that you will also need to swirl the pan while the omelette cooks. He explained that, when he worked in a restaurant and had to make omelettes, he "...could make them fluff 2 inches thick if they were really well aerated and I swirled the hot pan enough."