How Tyler Florence Helped Drive The Food Truck Craze

Popular chef Tyler Florence is known for several of his invaluable contributions to the culinary industry and has multiple accolades and achievements to his name. This goes beyond the sheer amount of work he's put into creating many respected eateries in New York and other states. According to Food Network, as the host of The Great Food Truck Race, Florence has done a fabulous job of motivating food truck professionals as they compete against each other to win the top prize on the show.

The concept is fairly straightforward and participants are required to battle it out as they serve scrumptious dishes to their customers from their food trucks. Whoever earns the least amount of money loses the competition. But what's most fascinating about this is the fact that Florence hasn't only influenced The Great Food Truck Race contestants, but he and the show have really helped make food trucks far more mainstream than they used to be. Here is how Tyler Florence has directly impacted the movement.

Florence thinks the food truck landscape has changed for the better

Tyler Florence, who joined the show in 2010, believes that the concept of food trucks took some time to truly become a hit with consumers. The chef spoke to The Daily Meal about how the show has helped shaped public perception. "I don't know if there's been a show that's had a bigger impact on a pure disruption level, in that it's helped invent an entirely new genre of restaurants," he said. He also added that he believes it was next to impossible to get people to warm up to the idea of food trucks in 2010, but things have definitely changed for the better and people are far more enthusiastic about the concept now.

Plus, Florence thinks food trucks can be a great way to explore your talent in the food business. He said that if he could turn back time, he would have definitely ventured into the world of food trucks himself as a young aspiring chef. He explained to Food Network that food trucks are a perfect extension of fast food in the country and are an appealing concept to many youngsters who find food trucks "cool" and "edgy."