The Pioneer Woman's Hack Makes Hollandaise Sauce Easy

If you've ever eaten eggs Benedict during a boozy brunch, you know that it isn't the perfectly poached eggs or the crispy toast (or even the fun toppings like crab meat or spinach) that make the dish so delicious: It's the hollandaise sauce. The bright yellow creaminess adds a buttery, indulgent flavor that no other ingredient can quite match. Yet despite its hue and intense buttery taste, hollandaise sauce isn't just melted butter. It also includes egg yolks and lemon juice, all blended together in a drool-worthy condiment.

If you're whipping up a lazy weekend breakfast at home, hollandaise sauce is very easy to make yourself. However, it requires a lot of whisking, which is tedious at best and exhausting at worst (especially first thing on a Sunday morning). Fortunately, The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) has an easy trick that takes all of that leg work — or rather, that arm work — out of the mix.

Skip the whisk when you make hollandaise sauce

The good news is that you don't have to spend what feels like hours whisking your hollandaise sauce until it's finally combined. Instead, Drummond suggests mixing it up in a blender instead. According to her recipe, you should place the yolks in the blender and then turn it on low. As the eggs start combining, pour the melted butter into the blender very slowly, keeping the blender on the whole time.

She then adds lemon juice until the sauce becomes its ideal consistency. The Food Network chef says you want the hollandaise to be fairly liquified and able to move through the blades easily. If it's not yet there, continue slowly adding more lemon juice. Drummond isn't the only one who recommends this technique, either — according to food blogger Tori Avey, Julia Child is also a fan of the blender method. One tip from her? Use your sauce immediately after blending to prevent it from solidifying.