The Aldi Brand Gluten-Free Shoppers Need To Try

Those of us living with gluten sensitivity have a challenging existence in today's culinary landscape, especially when it comes to shopping savvy and smart. According to The Celiac Disease Foundation, one out of every 100 people worldwide has this disease that prevents the body from properly digesting gluten. Additionally, it's estimated that 2.5 million Americans live with the disease, but have gone undiagnosed. With these staggering numbers, it's no wonder that certain companies have stepped up and guaranteed gluten-free options in their stores.

If shopping for goods that lack gluten has you pulling your hair out, the wait has finally come to an end — at one chain, anyway. According to Cheapism, Aldi carries an in-store brand called LiveGFree that lacks gluten. Products that fall under this store brand include foods like frozen entrees, pantry staples, produce, snack foods, and more. The accessibility of the brand makes Aldi a great place to shop if you want to avoid any guesswork when it comes to figuring out if your groceries contain gluten. 

If you want to go all-out and plan your gluten-free meals for the week, Aldi still has you covered. If you go to the store's website, the chain can find a ton of recipes that fit anyone's diet, including those of us who can't process wheat (via Cheapism).

A one-stop-shop for all gluten-free products

If you have trouble coming up with a weekly menu for anyone who can't handle gluten, Aldi not only has great ingredients that can make planning meals a piece of cake, they offer up a wide range of delicious recipes online that anyone can love. According to Aldi Australia's website, you can make anything from decadent bacon quiches to watermelon cakes, all avoiding traditional flour or other irritants that might disturb anyone with gluten sensitivities. Next time you feel stressed about finding the right foods that won't upset your digestive tract, just remember that Aldi offers some great options that should make them your number one choice when it comes to selecting tasty and affordable gluten-free foods.

Accommodating for gluten sensitivity can prove tough and the struggle to find meals that won't inflame your digestive tract sometimes feels overwhelming. Don't succumb to the stress and remember that Aldi's product line makes shopping fun again. Check out their selection of items today and get inspired to make your next meal without any concerns about gluten.