Fans Of Gluten-Free Oreos Need To Know About This New Stout

Breaking gluten-free news: not only is there a new gluten-free Oreo on the market, but it's already being turned into a gluten-free stout (via Food & Wine). Yes, you read that correctly. The new gluten-free Oreo cookie that, according to Thrillist's Kyler Alvord, tastes indistinguishable from the original, iconic Oreo is being made into alcohol ... sort of (via Thrillist). 

The brains behind the idea is Holidaily Brewing Company, a 100 percent gluten-free brewery founded by cancer-survivor Karen Hertz. According to Hertz, there's been a trend these days toward brewing beers spiked with sweet ingredients, and with all the recent buzz about gluten-free Oreos, the idea of combining the two was an instant hit at Holidaily. In her own words: "Gluten-free Oreos were the only thing our community has been talking about (including our own staff!)." Yet, even better than the thought of a tasty, Oreo-infused stout is the empathy that inspired it, as Hertz went on to explain: "How cool is it that an Oreo, a classic favorite, can now be enjoyed by more people? That's how we feel about our beer too. Those who haven't been able to enjoy craft beer in the past due to dietary restrictions can now partake in the experience with our beers. A gluten-free Oreo stout is a big moment in gluten-free history!"

Everything you need to know about the new gluten-free Oreo stout

The recipe for gluten-free Oreos took Nabisco a while to perfect, so it makes sense that the recipe for gluten-free Oreo-infused beer also requires some patience (via Eater). However, if you're as excited as Hertz is about the idea, here's what you need to know.

The stout is 6.8 percent alcohol by volume and was made with over 35 pounds of gluten-free Oreos, not to mention plenty of whole vanilla beans and cacao nibs, to strike that perfect balance of sweetness and richness, according to Food & Wine.

To pick one up, you'll need to stop by the Holidaily Brewery taproom in Golden, Colorado on February 20 or 21 and toast the company's five-year anniversary. The Oreo stout will be available on tap, or in 32-ounce cans that customers can take to go while supplies last. You might want to get there early, though, considering the cookies themselves are so popular that they're already getting hard to find in stores (via Delish).