Ben & Jerry's Has Amazing News For Vegan Chocolate Fans

Phish Food is one of Ben & Jerry's most popular ice cream flavors, but it's not for everyone. Look deeply into Phish Food's basic ingredients list — chocolate ice cream, caramel, fudge fishes, marshmallow, and vanilla — and you'll find milk, cream, butter, and eggs. The marshmallows are gelatin-free, so vegetarians might be okay with Phish Food. But vegans and people who are lactose intolerant have to choose something different from Ben & Jerry's non-dairy lineup — maybe Chocolate Fudge Brownie or "Milk" and Cookies.

Not anymore. Vegan chocolate lovers will be thrilled to learn that Ben & Jerry's has added Phish Food to its non-dairy stable. Speaking of stables: Not only have no animals been harmed in order to get their sticky gelatin stuff, but no cows or chickens were bothered for their milk or eggs, either.

While vegans and almond milk fans are rejoicing, people with nut allergies can't join the non-dairy Phish Food celebration. But they can always rely on the original Phish Food for their fix.

Non-dairy Phish Food also will support Phish's charities

People who are lactose intolerant, vegan, or fans of the jam band Phish took to Twitter to share their excitement over the new non-dairy Phish Food. "We love the vegan flavors especially when they are jam related ... bringing two of my favorite things together," commented Twitter user @naumzu, who clearly appreciates Phish's noodly music

Phish may also be admired for the charitable causes that receive their portion of the profits from Phish Food sales. Ever since the two Vermont institutions — Ben & Jerry's and Phish — released the original Phish Food in 1997, the band's proceeds have gone to their own environmental causes through their WaterWheel Foundation. As Ben & Jerry's racked up sales of Phish Food, the foundation was able to expand to include other causes: food banks, social services for women and children, and urban gardens.

Phish Food non-dairy frozen dessert (because it would be incorrect to call it "ice cream") is already out and could be at a store or a Ben & Jerry's scoop shop near you.