Read This Before Ordering A Papa John's Papadia

As you walk into Papa John's with a hankering for a crisp crust, gooey cheese, savory meats, and the quintessential dipping sauce on the side, look beyond the pizza offerings and consider the papadia. What is this mystical lunch offering, you ask? Simply put, imagine what would result if a loaded quesadilla and folded slice of pizza had a baby: Behold the papadia (via Nation's Restaurant News).

Founded in 1984, Papa John's was the brainchild of "Papa" John Schnatter, who converted the broom closet of his dad's Indiana tavern into tiny pizza kitchen (via Mental Itch). Schnatter was so passionate about the business that he sold his 1971 Camaro ZS8 to pay for supplies. Shnatter also introduced the concept of dipping pizza slices in garlic sauce (a luxury previously relegated to breadsticks) and it's been the brand's trademark ever since (via Eater).

The Papa John's papadia was inspired by Italy's piadina, a folded flatbread sandwich from the Emilia-Romagna region (via Eat This Not That). The Italian piadina boasts freshly baked dough wrapped around a variety of ingredients, from mozzarella, gorgonzola, and sausage, to anchovies and vegetables, but the most traditional sandwich contains prosciutto di Parma, squacquerone (a soft, creamy cheese), and arugula (via Eater). The hand-held treat, brimming with vegetables, cheeses, and meats, is iconic Italian street food (via Life in Italy).

Which hybrid pizza sandwich is right for you?

According to Papa John's, there are five distinct flavor profiles for your dining pleasure, and each papadia is served with the obligatory dipping sauce on the side.

The buffalo chicken version features warm dough, grilled chicken, onions, cheese, and three sauces, buttermilk ranch and buffalo inside the sandwich, and ranch on the side (via Papa John's). The Philly cheesesteak contains ribbons of tender steak, sweet and crunchy onions and green peppers, mozzarella, Papa's "unique" sauce, and a side of garlic sauce (via Brand Eating). The grilled BBQ chicken and bacon papadia is stuffed with grilled chicken, bacon, cheese, onions, and copious amounts of barbecue sauce, with more BBQ sauce on the side for dunking (via The Takeout). The meatball and pepperoni papadia is like a folded slice of pepperoni pizza studded with juicy meatballs. For sauce fans, additional pizza sauce is served alongside (via The Impulsive Buy). The warm and crunchy Italian papadia is packed with salami, spicy Italian sausage, Alfredo sauce, melted cheese, and tangy banana peppers, and it's served with pizza sauce on the side (via The Takeout).

Take note: Papa John's papadias aren't exactly diet food. Depending on which flatbread sandwich you choose, calories range from 810 to 940, fat grams from 28 to 53, and sodium from 2,090 to 2,670 (via Papa John's). In other words, one sandwich satisfies almost half of your daily calorie needs (per Healthline) and maxes out your sodium recommendation (per American Heart Association).