What Rachael Ray Refused To Let Happen When She Got Married

Rachael Ray is everywhere. Though she's quick to remind everyone that she's not a classically trained chef, her bright smile, friendly personality and impeccable recipe game have helped her create an all-encompassing food and lifestyle brand that produces everything from kitchenware to cookbooks. As such, one would imagine that an entrepreneur of her fame and caliber would have very little time for personal life. Despite this, Ray has found a way to combine busy work life and happy downtime in an enviable way.   

Ray met her husband, John Cusimano, at a party and married the rock musician in 2005. Though people have spotted more than a few strange things about their marriage, the couple is still going strong and seems to be quite happy. Even so, Ray had one very peculiar condition before jumping into a relationship. Let's take a look at what Rachael Ray absolutely refused to let happen when she got married.

Rachael Ray won't put her career on the back burner for anyone

Affable and likable as she may be, Rachael Ray is very much a career woman, and as she's told Good Housekeeping, she made it clear early on that her work is not going to be slowed down by a relationship. Fortunately, Cusimano doesn't have problems with this. "I can't give a man an enormous amount of attention," Ray said. "And John is totally down with that."  Of course, she noted that Cusimano has also posited some pretty strict conditions for their day-to-day life. "I never do the dishes, because my husband has an affinity for it," Ray revealed. "And I'm also not allowed to touch the coffeemaker." Somehow, one suspects that Ray isn't too bothered by these demands. 

One way Ray and Cusimano have found to mix the celebrity chef's career with their personal life is to let the two become a little intertwined. Cusimano's involved in and supportive of Ray's businesses, and Ray often attends Cusimano's concerts. The pair has even written a cookbook together.