Where Does Top Chef's Gail Simmons Live And How Big Is Her Home?

Gail Simmons from Top Chef is a culinary superstar. As reported by Entrepreneurthe chef was a journalist before she decided to switch to food full-time and is now an accomplished writer who has written both a cookbook and a nonfiction book. She's also a leader when it comes to supporting the careers of aspiring culinary entrepreneurs, which she has done by helping students at Babson College and starting Bumble Pie Productions, which aims to give more opportunities to women in the food and lifestyle segment.

The chef is also well-known for her association with the popular show Top Chef, where she is a judge. Considering the fact she's such an accomplished celebrity and a culinary legend, you might be curious as to how Simmons lives and what her home looks like. In which case, we have plenty of details for you. You won't be shocked to learn that her house is really as glamorous as you've imagined it to be.

Unsurprisingly, Gail Simmons loves her kitchen best

As Gail Simmons told the Toronto Sun in an interview, her Brooklyn home used to be a church and is now a 2,400-square-foot condo. "The church [is] probably from the '40s or '50s and in 2004 it was converted into condos. We bought it in 2011, but we rented it out for two years before we moved in," she said. 

There are quite a few things about her dwelling that she's grateful for, including the fact that it's located in the quiet neighborhood of Cobble Hill, which has lots of beautiful parks, a vibrant residential community, and is close to Manhattan without being in the center of the chaotic city.

One of the best parts about her home, according to Simmons, is her kitchen, which has subtle decor and a beautiful layout (via Camille Styles). She worked on it herself and made sure that it's not just pretty but also as functional as possible. 

This makes complete sense as Simmons does need a space that she loves as she works on her countless culinary projects. "The floor... it's on is one big open space, so I love that I can stand in my kitchen while my children are playing in the den, we are entertaining in the living room, or my family is eating at the dining room table," she said.  Tempted to remodel your home yet?