What You'll Find Inside Gail Simmons' Fridge

Gail Simmons has eaten a lot of food in her lifetime. As a Top Chef judge, cookbook author, and former Special Projects Director for Food & Wine magazine, the Canadian chef has indulged in her fair share of decadent dishes, whether it's sampling a contestant's creation or dining out with her fellow culinary celebrities (hello, Marcus Samuelsson!). "I've eaten my way through more tasting menus, late-night small plates, and street-food stalls than I'd like to admit," she told Camille Styles. But Simmons doesn't just eat what other people have cooked at judging tables and five-star restaurants — she also cooks for herself and her family at home.

In an interview with the New York Post, Simmons revealed that she loves cooking with her daughter Dahlia and son Kole, from whipping up fresh salads to baking banana bread. So what does she keep on hand for family meals and snacks? Here's a peek inside Simmons' fridge.

Gail Simmons keeps healthy, versatile ingredients on hand

Because Simmons is a busy working mom, she explained in an interview with Parade that she likes to keep her fridge stocked with ingredients that can be used in multiple ways. Some of those staples include Parmesan cheese, eggs, and seasonal fresh fruit (think citrus in the winter and berries in the spring). Along with a bowl of fruit for easy snacking, she also always stocks up on healthy dairy products, specifically Hood cottage cheese, which Simmons says she can graze on with granola, give to her kids as an after-school snack, or "make 15 different recipes with on a moment's notice."

And as for what she makes with all those ingredients? Simmons told Camille Styles that because she eats such rich foods for her job, she likes creating vegetable-heavy dishes while at home and says that her family enjoys completely meatless meals a few times per week, too.