This Long-Awaited Reunion Will Happen For Uber Eats Super Bowl Ad

Super Bowl LV is set to be one of the most exciting match-ups we've seen in the NFL since the New York Giants beat Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. You choose which time. But what is equally as nail-biting as the game are all of the creative commercials companies will share, taking advantage of one of the most widely watched championship games in sports. Per Reuters, last year's Super Bowl received an average of 99.9 million viewers. That's a lot of eyeballs to eat up whatever products and services companies are offering. The competition to create the biggest, bestest, funniest, most memorable ad is fierce, and during a pandemic year where there are so many people staying connected to the world through screens and sports, this year promises to be one like no other.

In fact, this year's Super Bowl LV, along with Uber Eats, has provided the spark for a reunion opportunity between everyone's favorite dynamic duo from the early 1990s: Wayne and Garth from the iconic Saturday Night Live skit and film, Wayne's World. Per People, the two will be partying on in a 60-second commercial where Dana Carvey reprises his character Garth and Mike Myers transforms into Wayne. We're not worthy! Of course, there's a teaser of this upcoming commercial that has us all talking during our morning Zoom calls and practicing our best "Schwing!"

Wayne and Garth will be enjoying some Uber Eats

If you can't wait until the big game on Sunday, Uber Eats just released a 30-second teaser skit that has us all laughing and wanting more (via YouTube). The reunion begins with Wayne and Garth sitting on the couch in Wayne's Aurora, Illinois basement where they broadcast Wayne's World. They have their signature hair and grunge look going, and Garth is, naturally, holding his drumsticks.

Myers looks into the camera and says, "Hey we're back, 2020 man that was a great year..."  Myers and Carvey then lean forward and give us their signature reply in unison, "NOT." Carvey chimes in with, "Yeah, it really sucked. It sucked donkey."

"We just wanted to say we'll see you soon for the game, which for legal reasons cannot be named," Myers not-so-subtlety hints about their impending Super Bowl night appearance. Carvey adds, "We'll see you on the big bowl." It ends with us hearing a doorbell ring with a cut to a bag with the Uber Eats logo on it.

What will the minute-long commercial that airs on February 7, 2021 look like? Will Wayne and Garth sing "Bohemian Rhapsody" and bang their heads like they did in the box office hit, Wayne's World? Will we all be doing air guitars and ordering up Uber Eats after we see it? The only way to know is to tune in.