This Is The Secret Ingredient In Smashburger Burgers

There are hundreds of fast food restaurants serving up juicy burgers on the fly — but one of the most popular among millennials right now is Smashburger. The Colorado-based chain now has over 300 locations across seven different countries and has become famous for its mouthwatering patties piled high on toasted buttery buns along with its tasty sides, including crispy Brussels sprouts and sweet potato fries.

But what makes Smashburger burgers so delicious? Maybe it's the way the burgers are made (they're quite literally "smashed" on the grill for added caramelization and flavor). Or maybe it's the top-secret seasoning mix that The Daily Meal reports is locked inside of a vault. While those things definitely add to the burger's taste factor, the real reason you can't resist pulling up to the Smashburger drive-thru is the secret ingredient that's inside every burger. Here's the truth behind what you're eating at the popular burger joint.

Beef isn't the only meat in the patty

While you might assume a Smashburger burger is made with strictly ground beef, you'll be very surprised to learn that there's another type of meat hiding in the patty: chicken. That's right — along with the seasoning blend, kosher salt, black pepper, and garlic — Smashburger burgers also contain poultry. It's the secret ingredient that co-founder Tom Ryan revealed in an interview with the Franchise Times. "It's actually triple roasted chicken skin ground up," he told the publication, adding, "Remember when your mom used to make baked chicken on Sunday and there's that big layer of skin on top? That's what's in there."

It's not as odd as it sounds. Home cooks on Chowhound said they often do the same thing when they're making homemade burgers. According to the commenters, the chicken skin adds a deeper flavor and more fat to the burgers. Sounds pretty delicious to us!