Half Of All People Think This Is The Best Type Of Pizza

According to Eat This, Not That!, some three billion pizzas are sold in the United States every single year. So it's safe to say that one thing most Americans can agree on is that pizza is delicious. However, one thing most Americans can't agree on? Exactly which pizza is most delicious. There are so many options out there with so many different toppings, from pepperoni to onion to pineapple. Then there's all the different kinds of sauces, whether you prefer tomato-based, Alfredo, or pesto. 

But one of the most divisive debates in the food world is which type of pizza reigns supreme. Nothing gets a New Yorker more fired up than telling them that Chicago deep dish pizza is better than their thin crust slices. To find out which kind is the real MVP (most valuable pie, naturally), Mashed polled 26,000 people across the country on their favorite type of pizza. Here's which one received over half of the votes.

The bigger the slice, the better

When given the choice between Neapolitan, Chicago deep dish, New York-style, and Detroit-style pizza, the Big Apple's oversized slices won the hearts of 50 percent of poll respondents. If you've never indulged in a New York-style pie, you're missing out — it features a thin, crispy crust that's smothered in melted cheese and a thin pizza sauce. Of course, besides the super-sized slices and wafer thin crust, the other defining characteristic is how you eat it. True New Yorkers will say it's best enjoyed folded in half.

Not all is lost for Chicagoans, however: deep dish came in second, with 22 percent of the votes. It was followed by Neapolitan with 12 percent and then "other" with 10 percent of the votes (write-ins included St. Louis and New Jersey-style). Only five percent of people chose Detroit-style, which is a rectangular pizza where the sauce goes on top of the cheese (rather than on top of the dough).