What You Should Know Before Ordering Hash Browns From Waffle House

A popular American diner chain, Waffle House attracts customers for their combo-style meals and affordable prices. Whether you pack your family in the minivan like a can of sardines every Sunday morning because, you know, tradition, or it's your go-to hangover cure, nothing beats a heaping plate of scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, waffles, and hearty hash browns from Waffle House. The restaurant is basically embedded in the American south with its reputation for friendly service and southern hospitality, but talks of the menu have ventured far beyond the Mason-Dixon line. If you've ever visited a Waffle House location, you probably know why — it's all in the hash browns.

While Waffle House may be known as a waffle lover's paradise (it's literally in the name) the popular chain is also famous for their sacred hash browns, which can be ordered with eight different toppings in over 1.5 million different combinations, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC).

What's the lowdown on the lingo?

First, it's important to understand the Waffle House lingo. According to Eater, if you order your hash browns "scattered" it means they will be grilled spread out instead of in the usual metal ring. Doing so allows the potatoes to have a more crispy texture. Just like other menu items, you can also request for your potatoes to be "well done," if that's your fancy.

At first glance, it can all be pretty intimidating. You've decided yes on the hash browns, but what kind? AJC lists eight official Waffle House ways you can order your potatoes. They are: smothered (with sautéed onions), covered (topped with melted American cheese), chunked (with grilled chunks of hickory smoked ham), diced (with grilled tomatoes), peppered (topped with jalapeños peppers), capped (with grilled mushrooms), topped (with Bert's chili, which is made of sausage, beans, and other veggies), and country (doused with sausage gravy). The hash browns can be ordered any which way and styled with more than one topping. For those feeling extra bold, you can ask for all eight toppings using the Waffle House phrase, "all the way."

Waffle House hash browns come in three different sizes called regular, large, or triple. (Think: small, medium, or large.) And if you just want traditional plain potatoes, you can get that too. According to AJC, simply ask for "regular 'browns, scattered."