The Truth About The First Wawa Location

Stopping for that morning coffee or filling up the gas tank at Wawa might be part of some people's routine, but all those Wawa locations did not just appear overnight. Looking back at the brand's history, the first Wawa location was not the convenience store that customers see today. Although the company has grown over the years, the tradition and heritage from that first Wawa location has remained. But, how much do you know about the first Wawa location?

Mental Floss shares that the first Wawa location opened in 1964. Located in Folsom, Pa., the original store is still open and operating today. According to the Wawa corporate website, the first store was opened to help sell dairy products. Since the Wood family, the founders of Wawa, had an interest in dairy farming, the store was a way for them to sell their dairy products. At the time, with home delivery on the decline, dairy customers wanted the convenience of going to a local store and the first Wawa store was created. 

Why is the company called Wawa?

According to the corporate website, the company's original dairy farm was located in Wawa, Pa. Since the first Wawa location was opened to help sell dairy products, the name connection to that dairy farm makes sense. While some people might debate the proper pronunciation and spelling of Wawa, Philadelphia Magazine has a definite answer to both items. It is Wawa, like see saw, and only one capital "W."

Across the more than 750 Wawa locations (per the corporate website), one visual aspect is always flying high. Incorporated into the Wawa logo is a Canadian goose. The brand's name has a connection to the Native American word for Canadian goose, as well as the location of the original dairy farm in Wawa, Pa. With the company expanding across the East Coast and building a loyal following by focusing on niche coffee and fresh food offerings, that Canadian goose logo might be popping up even more frequently.