This Baby Yoda Chocolate Egg Is The Perfect Gift For Star Wars Fans

So Disney might be milking their Baby Yoda branded merch partnerships for all they're worth, but honestly, if you don't lose it over the sight of Grogu every time this adorable alien toddler from "The Mandalorian" enters your consciousness, do you even have a heart? Well, if you do, Grogu is back to melt it again by — literally — melting into your mouth in not the first, but the second Baby Yoda chocolate egg-type product (via Galerie Candy).

Galerie was responsible for the Baby Yoda-encased-in-chocolate miracle that was their "The Child Hot Cocoa Bomb," a holiday-themed treat that added an extra layer of fun to this pandemic-era food trend (via Best). Hot cocoa bombs, for the uninitiated, are hollow spheres of chocolate with marshmallows, hot cocoa mix, and any other number of tiny treats that burst to the top of your mug when you pour warm milk over them. The milk melts the chocolate, releasing the surprises inside.

Any time is the right time for Baby Yoda

The first Baby Yoda Hot cocoa bomb from Galerie was sphere-shaped with a big Baby Yoda marshmallow inside. Their similarly constructed "Mandalorian Egg Shaped Magic Hot Chocolate Melt" is not quite, but almost, the same, only this time, the Baby Yoda marshmallow pops out of an egg-shaped chocolate encasement and right into your feels. It's Easter-themed, and since our time at home might not be ending any time soon, might as well enjoy another cup of hot cocoa as the weather turns.

So if you have a Star-Wars loving bestie in your life, or partner, or mail carrier, this might be the perfect egg-y treat to reduce them to tears. You can get it from Galerie Candy's website for $5.99, and since it's seasonal, it's hard to tell how long it will stick around. But if you want to hand them out to everyone you love, you can always get crafty — save a few bucks — by DIYing it. There's a Baby Yoda treat mold (via Joann), recipes for marshmallows (like this one at Flavor Bender) all over the internet, and you can probably figure out how to mold chocolate balls with a silicone tray. Probably.