The Secret Ingredients To The Pioneer Woman's Most 'Teenage-Friendly' Chicken Recipe

If you have teenage children, you know how picky they can be when it comes to dinnertime. You may even feel as if you are bending over backwards trying to make different versions of a meal just so you don't have to argue over dinner or end up with wasted food. And, while we love pizza, it does not work every night for the entire family, nor do McDonald's Chicken McNuggets or Chick-fil-A's original chicken sandwiches. 

That's why we are kvelling over this chicken recipe we stumbled upon from Ree Drummond, also known as Food Network's famed Pioneer Woman. Drummond has had a house filled with teenagers and definitely understands the challenges that cooking for them can pose. When asked about how picky her kids are when it comes to meals, Drummond told CJonline, "The girls are great," she said. "They will eat most anything. Bryce is getting better. He's a football player, so he knows you need to eat to fuel your sport. Now Todd ... Todd would eat Ding Dongs for breakfast, lunch and dinner." 

We see you nodding your head in that knowing and relatable manner that translates to, "Same." That's why you will want to try Drummond's chicken dish, which uses secret ingredients that speak to the teenage palate. 

Teenagers will love the tater tots

The name of Ree Drummond's recipe hint at why your teenager will love this dish. She calls it "Loaded Chicken and Tater Tots" and notes that it has all the flavor and fun that you get when you eat a loaded baked potato. Drummond's twist on this recipe takes a childhood favorite, tater tots, and combines them with chicken, broccoli, bacon and, of course, cheese, because what teenager doesn't love something covered in cheese? She also suggests having some sour cream and chives on the side, which really adds a little more depth to this meal for the adults in the house.

But what is truly genius about this meal is how Drummond works in so many nutrients and food groups to ensure that, if your teenagers did, in fact, eat nothing more than Hostess Ding Dongs and Cheetos for breakfast and lunch, they will certainly get what they need to fuel their body in this one dish. Of course, if you there are no teenagers in the house, no judgement here — you can never go wrong with tater tots, bacon, and cheese regardless of your age.