Cheetos' Super Bowl Commercial Has People Laughing

Cheetos knows how to get people to love their ads. Almost a month ago, the snack company released a teaser-trailer for what turned out to be their Super Bowl ad, and have been building the drama ever since (per Marketing Dive). The trailer featured Ashton Kutcher sneaking into a darkened room and examining a set of evidence as he pulls out a bag of Cheetos' new Crunch Pop Mix and says to himself, "I knew it." If this ominous beginning set you up for a dark commercial, the punchline couldn't have been funnier. 

The cliffhanger to this tense setup finally played out during a commercial break during the 2021 Super Bowl, centering around an ad featuring Ashton Kutcher accusing his wife Mila Kunis of stealing the new snack, all to the tune of "It Wasn't Me" with an appearance from Shaggy (via Twitter)! Users across Twitter claimed that this ad ranked as one of the best of the night and left them rolling on the floor laughing.

Cheetos was a highlight snack ad of the night

Twitter lost it over the Super Bowl ad, with replies streaming in like, "The cheetos commercial was the best," or "I suspend my rule about no singing in commercials for Ashton Kutcher in the Cheetos commercial, because that was hilarious," (via Twitter). The ad proves to be one for the ages, as one user even stated, "Cheetos never fails. You remember the office finger cleaning commercial lol." With such an immediate positive reaction, this ad might run away with the title of best commercial of the night, and we might have seen the birth of a classic commercial we'll talk about for Super Bowls to come. As USA Today tweeted, "It Wasn't Me" still packs a comedic punch two decades after the song's debut (via Yahoo!).

While social media ate the commercial up, the rest of the internet seems to agree that the ad easily ranked as one of the top ten best of the night. According to The Athletic, the placement came in as their third favorite for the night, with the outlet claiming "I'm an Ashton Kutcher fan, and the new lyrics and ending (won't spoil the joke)... very well done." On the other end of the internet, Yahoo! Finance applauded the ad, commending it for not only helping consumers remember the new Cheetos snack that combines classic Cheetos with popcorn, but also celebrating the 20th anniversary of the hit song.

A tasty way to kick off 2021

Even after the festivities have drawn to a close, people can't stop talking about the commercial. After the game ended, users on Twitter continued to chat about the commercial, agreeing to sentiments like "I think we can all agree that #Cheetos commercial was iconic," and "Cheetos commercial with Shaggy by far the best of the night," (via Twitter). With all the appreciation shown towards Cheetos, hopefully the Crunch Pop Mix will get some love and won't get sidelined in favor of people just remembering the hilarious trifecta of Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Shaggy. 

With this year's Super Bowl at an end, we had the amazing opportunity to see the premiere of some very iconic commercials that we'll likely be talking about for years to come. While this year's game had a ton of standout ads, Cheetos' latest offering guarantees to keep us laughing and sets a high bar for the snack to live up to in future campaigns.