Why You Recognize The Song From The Cheetos Super Bowl Commercial

It is Super Bowl LV commercial season and it is game on! From DoorDash teaming up with Sesame Street and Daveed Diggs to Uber Eats bringing about a reunion between Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World, companies are bringing the heat to earn their right to win the title of best commercial of this championship game. The latest commercial in the line-up that has us kvelling is Cheetos' Crunch Pop Mix ad. 

Per a PR Newswire press release, the commercial features favorite Hollywood power couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis facing the ultimate couple test: What do you do when you catch your significant other "orange handed" sneaking your snacks; and what's worse, when he or she is confronted, and denies it? Quite the conundrum. 

Cheetos gave us a couple of teasers to tee this one up, one of which is entitled "Evidence" where Kutcher is left with an envelope of photos and an empty Cheeto bag, implicating Kunis. The second teaser is called "Advice" where Kunis reels us in with a dramatic dialogue where she is practicing her best denial. A mystery man in purple coat tells her to stick to the line he gave her. The release of the commercial not only answered our question about the identity of the mystery man, but gave us a 2000s flashback with this familiar song.

Shaggy's advice from his iconic song finally works

The commercial opens with Kutcher asking Kunis if she stole his Cheetos, again. Kunis looks like a deer in headlights with cheetle all over her fingers, until the camera pans to the man in the purple jacket who tells her to just say, "It wasn't me," which becomes Kunis' anthem with each successive question. Mid-commercial, the mystery man, walks downstairs, breaking into song. 

Most viewers will realize at this point that it is reggae icon Shaggy urging Kunis to use the line from his classic song, "It Wasn't Me." Shaggy even wears the same purple jacket he wore in the original video (via YouTube). Kunis continues with her denial until Kutcher accepts it, to which Shaggy replies with a baffled laugh, "Well, that's the first time that's ever worked."

Why did Kutcher and Kunis want to be a part of this cheesy commercial? "Mila and I both remember when 'It Wasn't Me' came out 20 years ago when we were first working together on That '70s Show, so it's really cool to come full circle with Cheetos, work together again, and remix this song," Kutcher said in the press release. "We've rarely done projects together since then, but the concept was so fun and relatable. And we couldn't pass up the chance to be in this Super Bowl commercial."