This Retro McDonald's Is Straight Out Of The '80s

The well-known phrase, what is old, is new again could apply to this retro McDonald's location. As seen in Snopes, a particular McDonald's location in Beaverton, Ore., has the outer appearance that is different from many current restaurants. At this retro burger chain's location, it appears that every day is "Throwback Thursday." Whether you were a child of the 80s or are just channeling a retro vibe, this single McDonald's location looks like it could be visited by Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell. Even though the menu features all the newest additions, enjoying your value meal in the atrium could have you humming a few bars of Rick Astley.

According to Reddit photos, the inside of this fast food chain has pink and blue pastel colors. From the tile by the counter to tables, everything seems to have that throwback 80s decor vibe. As seen in Google Maps, an atrium is located in the front of the restaurant, a design element not often seen anymore. Whether you love the aesthetic or not, to quote a line from the iconic Goonies movie, "You wouldn't be here if it wasn't" this blast from the past (via Screen Rant).

What is the oldest McDonald's location?

While 80s retro vibes might have people channeling their inner Andie Walsh from Pretty in Pink, that retro McDonald's location is not the oldest one in the U.S. According to McDonald's, the Downey, Calif., location is the "oldest operating McDonald's" and still has the original 1950s exterior appearance. That "Speedee" street sign serves as a beacon for lovers of the Big Mac and french fries. While the food is just as people expect, that visual step back in time has many people making a special visit. 

Although certain aspects of McDonald's restaurants are recognizable, some locations look to stand out and be different. Whether it is the teal aches at the Sedona, Ariz., location or the UFO McDonald's in Roswell, N.M., some restaurants look to set themselves apart (via McDonald's). More recently, designers of the chain took an eco-friendly turn with the first "net zero-designed restaurant" at Walt Disney World. From the 80s retro McDonald's location to the oldest location to newer eco-focused innovations, those Golden Arches are finding ways to engage customers.