Aldi Shoppers Recommend This Chocolatey Brioche For French Toast

Making French toast seems like a pretty straightforward affair, but when you want to take your breakfast game to the next level, trying to perfect your French toast recipe can feel impossible. According to Valerie's Kitchen, you can't have luxurious, thick French toast without the help of a brioche, but finding this specialty bread can prove challenging. Brioche, a form of enriched bread, takes a while to make at home, and when you don't have the time to perfect this recipe, it might feel like the ideal breakfast narrowly escapes your grasp (via Spoon University). 

If you have been craving some next level French toast and feel up for the task of making it at home, Aldi has you covered. Users over at Reddit recently discovered that Aldi now carries a brioche filled with chocolate chips, perfect for any morning treat, and shoppers now swear by it. Responses have flown in touting the bread as the perfect French toast vessel, writing, "I use it to make a French toast casserole. It's amazing." Another fan added, "This is a staple in our house for French toast.... Use the 'tastes better from scratch' French toast batter recipe to dial it up another notch."

Aldi has the perfect French toast to start your day

Aldi workers also sprinkled comments through the same thread, offering recommendations on how to store the product. One user claimed, "As an aldi worker I wanted to ask you, do you know that our brioche comes [on frozen] pallets that we then thaw to put out? when you take it home and freeze it. it's the 2nd time it's being frozen at least. just the more ya know." Another user chimed in, stating "At Christmas I made eggnog French toast with this. SO GOOD!" Clearly, making this loaf is an all-time crowd pleaser that can work for any season. 

If the idea of the ultimate French toast laced with chocolate chips can't get you excited to tackle this classic breakfast, nothing can! See what has created all this buzz for yourself — make a trip to the bread section of your local Aldi next time you need to make a grocery run and grab a loaf of this brioche while you can. You don't want to miss out on this game-changing way to start your day!