The Valentine's Day Candy That 1 In 3 People Think Is Most Overrated

Valentine's Day is a holiday that's all about love – love of candy, of course! Sure, it's a fine time to do the hearts and flowers romance thing should you happen to be happily encoupled on February 14th, but all of us,  no matter our relationship status, can commemorate V-Day with sweet treats. Just what kind of candies are we most hoping to be gifted with, though, or planning to gift ourselves with if we're celebrating solo? Some candies are the type that can gladden almost any heart, but others, well... 

In an effort to determine what the Valentine's Day version of circus peanuts might be, Mashed conducted a survey with 656 respondents to find out what Valentine's candies are completely overrated and not the kind of thing you'd be all that thrilled to receive even if they were presented on a silver platter by Michael B. Jordan (well, it might depend on how nice a platter it was). The candy that 32.16 percent of our respondents, or nearly 1/3 of everyone we surveyed, found to be the most overrated was (no surprise) those talkative Tums known as Conversation Hearts. No matter what they have to say to us, we're not listening. And definitely not eating. Talk to the hand, 'cause the mouth don't want to know you, Sweethearts.

Other candies also have their detractors

Hard to believe, but the second-place finisher, the candy 18.60 of people thought received too much love on V-Day, was boxes of chocolate! We're going to assume they've been "gifted" with the nasty cheap kind rather than something fairly decent like a Whitman's Sampler. Next came heart-shaped jelly beans, which 17.99 percent found overrated, and we totally understand. Easter's really the only holiday where jelly beans have their place, and no one's that anxious to see them 2 months ahead of time. It's a little tougher to wrap our heads around the fact that 12.35 percent of people evidently don't like how much people like Hershey's Kisses. Unless they mean the flavored kind since not all of these variations (in fact, hardly any of them) improved upon the O.G. Kiss. Another 11.89 percent of respondents say Lindor Truffles aren't all they're cracked up to be, while 5.64 percent feel pink and red M&Ms are overhyped.

We did, of course, get a few out-of-the-heart-shaped-box suggestions (1.37 percent of responses). One person expressed named candies from See's while another, perhaps not anticipating a romantic meal featuring onion soup and garlic bread, suggested breath mints. There was also one who seemed to think candy wasn't dandy and called all of the above overrated, although a few, obviously in love with love (or sugar), said it was all good with them.