Here's How Chrissy Teigen Is Recovering From Her Fruit Roll-Up Tooth Loss

Chrissy Teigen recently found out the hard way that hitting up the seasonal candy aisle is all fun and games until your sweet tooth causes you to lose teeth! According to Insider, while in Washington D.C. for the inaugural celebration with her husband, John Legend, and children, Teigen made an ill-fated journey to CVS that led to the dental mishap. Teigen recalled the incident while appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, saying that she lost dental caps in the four corners of her mouth due to a Fruit Roll-Up incident.

"They had all this Valentine's Day stuff, so I bought mini Fruit Roll-Ups and I had one bite of one and then this one came off," Teigen told DeGeneres. After ultimately losing the four dental caps, Teigen struggled to eat solid foods. So, how did she cope? With a whole lot of mashed potatoes and soup. According to Teigen, that's what her diet consisted of for ten days. Teigen shared pictures on Instagram of her visit to the dentist, so hopefully, she'll be ready to sink her teeth into some sweets in no time (via Insider).

How to adapt your diet to dental issues

Dr. Angela Abernathy of Boutique Smiles of Manhattan told Insider that "avoid eating anything extremely sticky" is the best way to keep your crowns in tact. If abstinence isn't conceivable (hey, we're no saints either), she recommends enjoying sticky foods on the opposite side of your mouth. If your crowns do come off like Teigen's, then a trip to the dentist and a near-term change in diet might be in your future.

Though having your teeth fall out might literally be your nightmare, there are certain foods that are recommended following oral surgery. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), there are a few factors to consider when planning your diet after a procedure, including how extensive the procedure is, how much it impacts your oral function, and how long your recovery is expected to last. They recommend a liquid or soft food diet including nutrient-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, lean meats, eggs, and beans. 

The good news? The list of after-dental-surgery food suggestions is quite extensive and includes a lot of our favorites. There are even a number of sweet options, like sorbet, frozen yogurt, pudding, custard, and baked apples. The bad news? Sadly, Fruit Roll-Ups are missing from the list.