These Are The Best Valentine's Day Treats You Can Get At Trader Joe's In 2021

If there's one thing that Trader Joe's does well, it's providing its customers with a wide range of products no matter what their preferences. The store, as per Eat This, Not That!, remains popular for a variety of reasons. For example, its employees sport colorful outfits and every outlet is likely to have fun elements such as plastic lobsters. There's also an in-house artist at each outlet. How cool is that?

The brand is also rather useful in terms of stepping up on special occasions. For example, Trader Joe's has a variety of tempting options for those shoppers who want something different for Valentine's Day. According to Delish, those with a sweet tooth are in for a treat because several delectable dessert options are up for grabs. Seriously. To make things easier, here's a list of some of the best products available at Trader Joe's this year in honor of Valentine's Day.

Heart-shaped macarons are perfect for gifts

If you have a soft spot for heart-shaped treats, you'll love this one. According to Delish, the brand is offering boxes of delectable macarons this year. Available in pink and white, these treats are filled with raspberries and have a blend of interesting flavors including strawberry crème and vanilla. The brand put up a post about these treats on Instagram and advised to enjoy the treats without fretting over their longevity: store them in the freezer to enjoy them at a later date. Perfect!

The Gummy X's & O's and jelly beans are yummy

Another Valentine's Day special that's definitely worth buying? The Gummy X's & O's, of course! Need another treat? Add the jelly beans to your cart for a pick-me-up! According to a Trader Joe's fan, these candies are absolutely delicious. They raved about the products on Instagram and wrote, "My kids always ask when the gummies ($2.99) & jelly beans ($.99) will be here!" How cute is that?

Dark chocolate mini heart cookies for a sweet surprise

If you like dark chocolate, you won't be able to put these down. These chocolate covered mini heart cookies have been around since January and have received rave reviews for their great taste. These cookie are full of plenty of chocolate and sugary goodness. According to a food blogger, Become Betty, these cookies have exactly the right texture and will leave you craving for more. You'll want to grab two or three boxes at once!

These mint flavored dog treats are adorable

Looking for a perfect gift for your pet? Look no further. Trader Joe's has special dog treats for Valentine's day that are colored using beet powder. Seriously! As a shopper said on Instagram, the cookies are heart-shaped and made without grains. Need a bonus? The treats are available in mint flavors. Yummy. A commentator praised the treats on Instagram and wrote, "My dog loved these last year I need to buy two boxes next time." Sounds promising!

This chocolate mousse cake is irresistible

Do you like cake? Does your better half love chocolate? If the answer is yes, you must get your hands on the delectable Chocolate Mousse Cake from Trader Joe's. It has rich layers of chocolate mousse and comes with the cutest packaging that you've ever seen. As reported by Delish, the dish has chocolate ganache icing and is available throughout this month. A definite treat for your loved ones!