Duff Goldman's Hack For Baking In Worn-Out Non-Stick Pans

It's no secret that non-stick pans do not last forever — especially when it comes to your baking arsenal. More often than not we tend to keep worn-out non-stick pans lingering around our kitchen and ovens out of fear of breaking a new one in or spending money on a baking pan we think is "still okay." But it doesn't take a lot for you to notice that after a few rounds of baking pastries or bread, some batches aren't going to come out 100 percent intact, yet the pans still reside in their place of worship — the oven.

While it might not be exactly clear just how your pans became uncoated, one easy mistake to make is using your bread pans to bake high acidic foods like meatloaf or dishes that require meats and tomatoes (via The Spruce Eats). But don't toss out those worn-out metal loaf pans just yet, as acclaimed pastry chef Duff Goldman thinks there's a quick fix that can save your pan and spare you a few bucks!

Duff Goldman says this is the key to saving your baking pan

While you might think your baking pan has reached its expiration date and has finally thrown in the towel, there might be a final attempt to save your favorite pan according to none other than the best in the baking business — Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman! The big secret hack? Parchment paper! That's right, one of the main things you should already be using for perfect baking, according to Bon Appétit.

According to a recent tweet from Duff Goldman, who responded to a fan with baking pan concerns after making many batches of cranberry quick bread, the simple use of parchment paper is a cheap and quick fix for worn-out non-stick pans. "I always cut up parchment paper and line the sides so the non-stick coming off shouldn't make a difference," said Goldman in a tweet.

So instead of dropping half your paycheck on new baking pans, it's better to stock up on parchment paper and properly line the pans you already use now! Happy baking!