Scientists Still Can't Decide Whether Or Not Eggs Are Healthy

When you need some quick protein, eggs can provide that extra boost your body craves. While this food can fit into a ton of eating plans, we still don't know if eggs help or hurt us in the long run. One of the big reasons scientists claim eggs can do some serious harm, stems from the cholesterol found in chicken eggs. According ABC, a recent study of 500,000 participants found that eating one egg a day was linked to an increased chance of dying prematurely, despite a study from 2020 claiming the exact opposite. The riskiness seems to link to the yolk of the egg, rather than the whole food item.

According to NBC, part of the issue is that most studies have not looked at egg whites alone. A different study that looked at this, found that eating egg whites or an egg substitute — instead of a whole egg with yolk — lowered the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 3 percent. However, scientists remain divided on the study, with a good handful still agreeing more studies need to take place before we can deliver a solid verdict on eggs.

An egg-centric study with several limitations

Like many other studies, the current research on eggs has limitations. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the journal relied on self-reporting from the participants, increasing the margin of error, while the link between consuming eggs and increased mortality chances only linked indirectly. At the end of the day, don't feel like you have to give up eggs. 

According to Healio, the study recommends that the U.S. dietary guidelines encourage the consumption of egg whites over whole eggs, in order to reap the highest amount of nutrition out of the food source. These egg whites don't contain the cholesterol that may lead to an increased risk of death, and should provide a great compromise for anyone looking to get that extra protein boost without the potentially higher risk that comes with egg yolks. While scientists remain conflicted on the food, just remember to eat in moderation, to avoid any cardiovascular risks that come with eating too many eggs, and enjoy the boost they add to your diet.