Aldi Shoppers Are Comparing This Beer To Sour Gummies

Another great Aldi find has many people stocking their carts with beer. Recently, Instagram account Aldi.mademedoit has been buzzing about a beer that tastes similar to sour gummies candy (via Instagram). "These are 10/10," one user commented. Created by the San Diego beer brand Second Chance Beer, Fistful of Gummies is a sour beer said to taste like drinking fruity, tart sour gummies (via Craftshaft). Even the beer brand describes the beer as "Liquid Sour Gummy Candy." Although some people are excited about this Aldi find, is this sour candy beer really a new flavor invention?

According to Delish, in 2018, Second Chance Beer had a limited offering of Halloween beers that included a "Lemon Sour Patch Kids Slightly Sour." Although the Fistful of Gummies does not reference a specific gummy candy, Untappd describes the beer as having blueberry and raspberry flavor notes. While the Craftshaft reviews of Fistful of Gummies describe it as "sweet and tart" and "an easy to drink sour," the beer seems to be more of a fruit sour beer than just a candy-infused libation.

What makes this Aldi beer so sour?

Vinepair states that sour beer is the "oldest type of beer in history." The article goes on to explain that the sour flavor in this style of beer comes from the use of certain bacteria and yeast in the brewing process. When thinking about a sour beer, a great analogy can be made to yogurt. Just like yogurt tends to have a tart taste from the cultures, sour beer has a similar tart flavor due to the ingredients used in the brewing process.

Sour beers are not easily categorized because there are many different versions, according to Vinepair. The Fistful of Gummies is labeled a fruited sour. In a 2020 Facebook post, Second Chance Beer described the beer as a "kettle-sour wheat beer" that offers a balance between sweet and sour (via Facebook). Based on that description, it seems to lean more towards a lambic with its berry flavor combinations. Even though this beer has been available before, it seems that putting it on Aldi store shelves once again has sparked some people's interest: "I need this!!!!" one Instagram user said. Maybe the idea of drinking the flavors of a sour candy appealed to the tart at heart.