The Secret To Perfect Cupcakes, According To Nadiya Hussain

If there's one thing we have to be thankful for in 2021, it's that Nadiya Hussain has a calling, and she's sharing her bliss with the rest of us. If you're not a baker, Netflix's Nadiya Bakes will try its darndest to turn you into one. It took The Great British Bake Off winner a full two minutes into episode one to convert us. Nadiya (we'd desperately like to think we're on a first-name basis) stands in her kitchen schooling us on how to make a "classic cupcake." We know — you've been making cupcakes since kindergarten. But these cupcakes are nothing short of joy-inducing. "It's moments like this and it's just me and my cupcakes, and I just pause," the celebrity chef sighs while making them, "I love that." So before you write Hussain off, ask yourself, when was the last time you felt euphoric mixing together cake batter?

That's what we thought. Besides, Nadiya Hussain's cupcakes are strawberry clotted cream shortcake cupcakes (via The Happy Foodie). Because, as Nadiya says, "why have one thing when you can have it all?"

The one thing Nadiya Hussain is careful to do when baking cupcakes

Even if you prefer chocolate cupcakes to, say, strawberry clotted cream shortcake cupcakes, pay attention to what Nadiya Hussain has to say. She's not on this earth to simply pass on recipes. She clearly has a blackbelt in cupcake-making techniques and wants to train you in them, too.  

What's the difference between a cupcake and a muffin? As it turns out, a lot of it has to do with the amount of batter you pour into your molds. "The secret to the perfect cupcake is to not overfill," Nadiya explains. And she means it. As per Hussain, she's careful to fill her cupcake molds "halfway or a little bit over because you want enough room for your icing. You don't want a muffin top," (via YouTube).

Did anybody else just have a major out-of-the-Dark-Ages and into-the-Enlightenment moment? That's the magic of Nadiya Bakes, and she's only six minutes into the first episode.