The Secret Cooking Hack To Avoid Garlic-Smelling Fingers

Garlic is the magical component in so many recipes. It not only adds the umami of flavor that sets our taste buds into overdrive, but the aromatics of this bulb also put the olfactory in high gear as well. We love cooking with garlic, but what we don't love is the smell that not only remains on our breath long after we consume it but also stays on our hands after we slice and dice it. What causes this smell that goes from enticing to downright stanky? Per Open Fitgarlic releases sulfur elements when you do your Benihana chopping tricks and the smell will stay on your fingers and in your mouth until your body fully metabolizes it. And get this, it can take up to two days to do just that.

That's the reason we are crushing on this genius, secret cooking hack to avoid garlic fingers and hands altogether. It's so simple and easy, we wish we would have thought of it, but honestly, we are just so glad someone did indeed figure it out because it is a game-changer. And it not only saves your fingers from the smell, but it also helps cut down on the amount of time you need to prep your garlic.

Freeze your garlic to keep your hands smelling fresh

The Kitchn shares that if you peel your garlic cloves, toss them into a Ziploc bag or container, and store them in the freezer, your hands will be able to evade the lingering garlic smell when you go to chop it up. You don't even have to let your garlic cloves defrost. You can start your mincing, dicing, and crushing straight from the freezer. But freezing your garlic does not only mean you have it peeled and ready for use, it also prolongs its shelf life which is good for your pocketbook and eliminating food waste. The Kitchn does caution that freezing garlic can cause a slight change in its potency, but it's not enough of a change to deter you from embracing this hack.

But, how can you get rid of the initial smell of the garlic after you do all that prep to freeze it? Open Fit reveals there are several ways. One of these methods involves using some toothpaste and mouthwash to cleanse your hands. Additionally, they note you can use lemons or coffee beans or grounds to rid your hands of the garlic smell. Simply take either food and rub it between your hands, and it will absorb the garlic odor.