This Is How Much Joey Chestnut Is Really Worth

Eating lots and lots of food is something that you'd expect to make your wallet lighter. However, when it comes to the world of professional competitive eating, it's entirely possible to reverse that money flow and actually become wealthier by stuffing your gullet. Granted, it's not completely risk-free. The dark truth of food eating contests is that they're dangerous, experimental affairs that pose countless risks to the unskilled eater, from choking hazards to actual, physical injuries sustained during the events. Even top eaters like Takeru Kobayashi have their share of health issues from competitive eating

That being said, if you're good enough and willing to put your body through the required wringer, you might just be able to make bank. Take Joey Chestnut, for instance. The world record-holding hot dog eater is arguably the biggest name in the world of competitive eating, so if there's someone who's made a pretty penny for himself in this peculiar sport, it's probably him. Let's take a look at how much Chestnut is really worth. 

Joey Chestnut's net worth might surprise you

Competitive eating isn't the kind of moneybags career as, say, that of a Hollywood A-lister — which may or may not be the reason folks like Tom Hanks star in major motion pictures instead of wolfing down hot dogs at Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. That being said, major pro eaters like Chestnut don't exactly have to pinch pennies. In fact, according to wealth estimation site Celebrity Net WorthChestnut is worth a very respectable $1.5 million. 

His cash flow is said to come from sponsors, pro eating victories, and stuff like his personal line of condiments. Interestingly, Chestnut's famous victories at Nathan's are just chump change in his total fortune, money-wise. The winner of the hot dog contest "only" gets $10,000 — but the sheer fame that comes from a successful showing at the event can easily be leveraged to other, lucrative opportunities.