The Big Problem With Whole Foods' Store-Brand Mayonnaise

Mmm... mayonnaise. Lovingly abbreviated "mayo," the spread made with egg yolk, oil, and flavorings goes well with just about everything. From adding a creamy zip to sandwiches and burgers to making French fries taste incredible, to amplifying grilled cheese and egg salad, mayonnaise is a condiment that can do it all.

Austin-based grocery chain Whole Foods is known for selling all-natural food and beverage products and home supplies, oftentimes at a higher price point than other popular chains. Its store brand, 365, offers a wide variety of products that compete with other quality brands in regards to taste and price (via Business Insider).

Among these goods is the 365 organic mayonnaise, which is made with wholesome ingredients like canola oil, cage-free eggs, vinegar, sea salt, mustard seed, and organic lemon juice concentrate (via Whole Foods Market). But next time you're strolling down the condiment aisle in search of the perfect mayo, don't be fooled by the store's high-quality claim.

What's the issue with Whole Foods 365 brand mayonnaise?

Delicious mayonnaise requires a few things: It should have a consistent creamy texture (i.e., the oil shouldn't float or separate and it shouldn't require vigorous mixing every time the jar is opened), be easily spreadable, and have a nice combination of sweetness and acidity.

Food blog Serious Eats conducted a blind taste test to determine the best (and worst) mayonnaise brands on the market. Whole Foods 365 was among the contenders, and while expectations were seemingly high, tasters were left disappointed. According to this study, many participants claimed the brand had an unpleasant fishy aroma and an imbalance between tanginess and sweetness. It was a bit too tangy, whereas many mayo lovers prefer it to be more mellow-flavored.

Food52 also ran a mayo-off, where several testers complained of Whole Foods mayo's overt sourness and suspected there may be anchovies in it (there aren't). Mashed, too, ranked popular mayo brands based on results from a taste test. Analysts in this mayo investigation noticed an inconsistency in the texture. The biggest complaint revolved around its lack of creaminess and poor spreadability. Sad.