The Truth About Natalie Soto From Spring Baking Championship, Season 7

With the latest season of the Spring Baking Championship making its way to our television screens, it's only natural to wonder what to expect from the show and its contestants in its seventh edition. One thing that's abundantly clear is that the fact that the Food Network show has plenty of talented bakers competing for the top spot. One of names on the list is Natalie Soto, a chef and baker from California (via Food Network). 

Soto is an experienced chef with 25 years of experience under her belt. As per her website, Sweet as Love, she has been fascinated by baking for a long time. As a high school student, she would often experiment with new treats in the kitchen, and later went on to attend culinary school in order to get better at her craft before joining The St. Regis Hotel & Resort in Dana Point, California, where she became convinced that baking is what she does best. Here's what happened next.

Natalie Soto is an impressive baker and cake decorator

As highlighted by her website, Natalie Soto felt motivated to push herself as a baker and narrow down her specialty. She learned more about baking in the pastry kitchen, making new desserts and pushing her limits. Following that, she decided to open her own venture called Sweet as Love, a food service dedicated to creating cakes for weddings, birthdays, graduations, and other special occasions (via Sweet as Love).

Soto is very particular about her cakes and prefers to use high-quality ingredients for her desserts, devoting time to each creation. As her brand's description reads, "Whether it's a modern cutting edge design or rustic and simplistic, Sweet as Love takes care of all details, making sure that your cake is exactly what you were envisioning."

Soto's Instagram account is peppered with pictures of her delicious cakes and some of the designs are unbelievable. One of her cakes, for example, features a vegetable garden with the most incredible details such as tiny carrots, pumpkins, and more.