Trader Joe's New Spicy Mochi Rice Nuggets Are Turning Heads

If you have searched high and low for a new snack, mochi might provide the chewy answer you need. Made from sweet, glutinous rice flour, Allrecipes explains that mochi originates from Japan and features a cooked ball of rice flour wrapped around sweet red bean paste — or a variety of trendy fillings like ice cream — and even comes in flavors such as mango, strawberry, and chocolate.

If you love Trader Joe's, you've most likely seen its mochi green tea ice cream gracing the store's freezer section, but finding the right times to snack on this treat can prove difficult (via Trader Joe's). If you have dreamed of grazing on this goodie on a regular basis, you have to check out Trader Joe's newest version of mochi that's making everyone take notice.

Instagrammer @traderjoeslist spotted and posted about a new snack fans are loving: Crispy Crunchy Spicy Mochi Rice Nuggets. The post featured a picture of the snack, mentioning in the caption "NEW CRISPY CRUNCHY SPICY MOCHI RICE NUGGETS. $2.99. Say that 5 times fast! These have all the crunch and flavor of the original mochi nuggets plus they are wrapped in some heat that has a delayed kick once it's in your mouth." The account mentioned that other than just snacking on them, they're great for "crushing them up and using them to bread chicken or cauliflower," too.

An exciting snack that keeps you coming back for more

So far, followers have loved the product, with the post racking up over 8,500 likes and towing in a ton of replies ranging from "Ohh I love the original crunchy mochi rice nuggets so I can't wait to try these!!" to "The originals are incredible! If I could tolerate any spice level at all, I'd be all over these." In a separate post that garnered over 2,700 likes, @traderjoeslist took a video of them handling the product, leaving users drooling over what they saw. Responses like "These are definitely spicy!! I could only eat one lol," and "Omg need these" have flooded in, raising hype levels over the snack to new heights.

If these treats sound tempting, make sure to plan your next expedition to Trader Joe's soon. They're a unique take on the mochi you might be more familiar with and clearly make for a quick and easy snack. With so much attention, you might have to climb over other mochi fans to grab a bag for yourself, and you do not want to miss this snack that guarantees to win you over on the first bite!