What Josh Oakley Has Been Up To Since His Hell's Kitchen Elimination

One of the most well-known cooking reality shows on television is Hell's Kitchen. Although it's a dramatic, intense series, it has paved the way for many talented chefs, giving them opportunities to shine in a cutthroat industry. One of the participants from the show, chef Josh Oakley, knows exactly what that is like. Participating in the show's 19th season, Oakley unfortunately was eliminated, never making it to the finals (via Screen Rant). But even still, he has plenty to be thankful for.

According to Screen Rant, Oakley has managed to reap the benefits thanks to his time on Hell's Kitchen. But before we dive into life after the show, it's worth knowing a little more about Oakley's background. He first began working as a pastry chef in Arizona when he was 18 years old. Although it was a brutal experience, he found it rewarding and it was there where he learned the tricks of the trade (via Screen Rant). He later worked as a chef in Colorado and then decided to sign himself up for a course at the Gastronomicom Cooking School in Agde, France.

Oakley isn't planning on slowing down

As a participant in Hell's Kitchen, Oakley was enthusiastic to learn and improve his skills (via Screen Rant). He said that he didn't even think about becoming famous and was surprised by the amount of love he received after his time on the show came to a halt. He said, "It's funny to me, because I'm not a celebrity by any means. But hey, people are excited about it, and that makes me excited. Win or lose, I was happy to be on it and I'll take whatever I can from it."

That said, Oakley did feel let down by the way he performed and thought he could have done better. But Oakley's departure didn't let that stop him from following his culinary dreams. Screen Rant reports that he's currently back working with his former employer Avelina where he's the executive chef. His customers have increased drastically as they visit to get a glimpse of Oakley, taste his delicious food, and talk to him about his experiences.