The Snobby Reason Martha Stewart Was Kicked Out Of A Country Club

Martha Stewart is an icon for home bakers and thanks to her incredible business sense, her products are everywhere too. No matter where you shop, chances are you've encountered her many lines of products from her CBD products to her kitchen utensils. Stewart has worked long and hard to build her empire, but that doesn't mean it's been an easy or steady climb to the top. In fact, she was even kicked out of a country club due to her business acumen.

According to Town & Country, Stewart regained control of her name and brand back in 1997 when she bought back Martha Stewart Living from Time Inc. She said, "I just wrote the check myself." Shortly after, she signed a contract with Kmart to sell her own brand of towels and linens. Naturally, it was the ubiquitous presence of Stewart's products in stores like Kmart, as well as Target, Walmart, and many more over the years that brought her into the lives of so many fans. But it was this move that also impacted her social life.

The country club had a problem with one of her retailers

According to Harper's Bazaar, her deal with Kmart was the reason her Connecticut country club had for asking her to leave. She described their reason as being, "because I was too downmarket." Clearly, her first deal after creating her company — Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and regaining her name brand — was not deemed high-end enough for her to maintain her elite status.

However, it was Stewart who had the last laugh. The business deal was simply the first in a long line of demand for her products at all kinds of stores including Home Depot, Staples, and Wayfair, according to the publication. The accessibility to Stewart's products could very well have been what endeared her to her audience, who strive to achieve the same handiwork she teaches. Regardless, her many beautiful properties, go to show she probably doesn't need to bother with a country club these days anyway (via Martha Stewart).