Here's How Much Sunny Anderson Is Really Worth

Sunny Anderson didn't grow up rich, but because she was a military brat, she got grew up sampling world cuisine. "When we moved to Germany, my mom would master German food," Anderson told Miami New Times, "Then we moved to Texas shortly thereafter, and right across the street we had a Vietnamese family. My mom was like an exchange program!"

Anderson was an Air Force journalist before turning her attention to food. "I was only cooking because I loved it," Anderson once told Vibe, "And then it turned into a career." These days, when the Food Network star isn't trolling Bobby Flay on Instagram, or joking around with Al Roker, or posting pictures with Giada de Laurentiis, her "soul sister in carbs," you might find Anderson on the set of The Kitchen, Cooking For Real, or Beat Bobby Flay. She's got a well-paid gig. At least according to Celebrity Net Worth, Sunny Anderson is sitting on approximately $5 million.

This is how Sunny Anderson spends her money

Anderson isn't about flaunting wealth. She spends it on things that make her happy. First and foremost: her kitchen. In 2009, Anderson told Delish that she'd saved up for "a beautiful dual-fuel range with a double oven and six burners, plus a commercial-strength ventilation hood." That kind of joy in kitchenware is how you know the chef isn't in what she calls an " 8:59:59" job, in which, per Anderson "You pull up and you sit in that car in the parking lot until 8:59:59, then you walk upstairs at 9 o'clock and you deal with the day" (via Vibe). She's doing something that she truly loves. And, to hand the mic to Anderson for a moment, "happiness is soul money."

Not that Anderson's $5 million net worth does her harm. Other than splurging on high-quality kitchenware, Anderson pulls out her checkbook to pay for other luxuries, small and big, that make her smile. On the smaller side: donuts (via her Instagram account) and Coquito, a Puerto Rican egg nog, for which she has her own supplier (also via Instagram). On an in-between size: shoes. Sunny Anderson isn't ashamed to tell folks (and show them, via Instagram) about her "addiction." She's got a room in her house dedicated to it (and aren't her sneakers gorgeous?). On the bigger side: football. In 2020, the Food Network star told Parade that she had season tickets to The Giants.