The Truth About Gene Shepherd From Food Network's Easter Basket Challenge

The Food Network is offering a sweet treat for all its fans starting March 1 with Easter Basket ChallengeThe show will feature expert baking artists as they compete against each other to win the top prize. The show will, of course, be extra fun to watch thanks to the fact that it's an Easter special and will include plenty of delicious, festive desserts

As the press release from the show explained, Easter Basket Challenge is family entertainment at its best. "Whether the bakers are making Easter bonnets for a holiday fashion challenge or creating edible masterpieces from a playful game of Bunny Pong, Easter Basket Challenge is a joyfully entertaining competition that families will love," the release read.

By the way, the show has a total of seven participants. One of the contestants is Gene Shepard, a baker from Washington, D.C. He has a diverse background and comes equipped with plenty of talent. Here's more on this ambitious entrepreneur.

Gene Shepard has more than one baking specialty

Gene Shepherd's Instagram account is colorful and filled with fun glimpses of his life. The baker's bio describes Shepherd as a "cake baking, selfie taking, music loving husband." Recently, Shepherd has been sharing updates about the show, calling the experience an "opportunity of a lifetime." 

Shepard is a skilled baker and is especially good at decorating cakes. For example, one of the birthday cakes he created for a client, inspired by the Transformers, is a colorful tribute to the popular franchise. According to his LinkedIn profile, the baker has been running his business, Cakes by Gene, for over two years in Washington, D.C. He's also worked as a visual manager in the past and is skilled at retail, customer service, visual merchandising, and more. 

These days, Shepherd is rather committed to his passion for baking and continues creating incredible desserts for his clients. It'll be interesting to see how he performs on Easter Basket Challenge, which premieres March 1.